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    Post  Exeqo on Thu Jan 05, 2017 2:00 pm

    Hey everyone !
    I'm here to apply to AR today but for a different goal

    1. Age: 18 yo
    2. Nickname in-game: the.exeqo
    3. TM2 Stadium log-in: exeqohd
    4. Country: France
    5. Experience in TM (how long have you been playing): It's been now 5 yo that i play at the game and 2 years online
    6. How often do you play: I play praticly everyday (1/2h)
    7. Previous teams, reasons why you left: I was in Exotik (RPG)(The team disband), I was in Velox/nimz (Canyon)(The team become quite inactive) and now i'm in the (TrackmaniaHeroesEurope)
    8. How did you find out about AR: When I was playing TMNF i all the time saw some of you on servers and recently i saw 2Slow4You playing so i talk a bit with him, 'was nice !
    9. What could you bring to the team: Okay so now the interesting coming (for me), since i saw on TMNF one of my goal was to join you (for real) but unfortunately i'm not good at all at FS, so i decide to apply to join as a tech player, the thing is that i want to represent you, now that i'm a bit famous (for real ... Ok not really) but I play tournaments si that people can see me.
    10. Any tournament or competition experience: TTC / TMM / ESL / eXeS Cup / Some RPGs évents

    Hope you'll make one my dreams come true Smile

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