Yo guys :3



    Yo guys :3

    Post  todo18 on Wed Apr 12, 2017 9:38 pm

    Yo all Nubz0r here XD
    Long time guys .
    And yeah it is rly me Razz forget my old acc lol XD

    I know that this will be hard to believe but kinda need help from all of u guys Mad
    I made donation site for my mother.
    I'm taking care of her she is sick and need good treatment - (lupus, rheumatism, Lung mycobacteriosis, Spiny mycelium, spine problems , memory problems) (used translator for it :/)
    She need another operation on lung :/
    I don't have much money to buy her medicines and to pay bills :X need like 3k dollars Mad it isn't much like 100 ppl donate 30 $ or , 30 ppl - 100$ Mad I can give you guys my account number , cause i don't think that u can't donate by this site from other country than Poland ....

    This is polish site (cause can't make donation site anywhere else) so foreign exchange it is in polish zl
    The donation button is named ( wplac )


    And no this isn't spam Razz I'm rly Nubz0r .... If someone doesn't believe me just say it here i can log in Tm UnitedForever and explain everything , just say day and time gmt+2 Razz

    Thanks for any help Mad don't know where to go and say about it Mad You can even share this link with everyone Mad need rly your help guys Mad
    Yup Ghost you will get your kiss XD

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